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Things you should know on borrowing:
Minimum Period for Repayment 61 Days and above
Maximum Period for Repayment Up to 12 Months
Minimum Annual Percentage Rate From 1.7% per annum
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate Up to 48% per annum on reducing interest rate
Sample representation of loan with maximum rates:
Total Amount Borrowed SGD 1000
Time Period * 12 Months
Interest Rate ** 1% Per Month
Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) ** 12% APR or 1% NIR
Total Cost Payable Per Annual *** (excluding loan principle) SGD 120


* Time period is from minimum period of 2 months to maximum period of 12 months.
** Interest Rate may vary up to a maximum of 4% per month, depending on loan amount and period of repayment.
*** Total Cost Payable exclude administrative fee. Cost stated is an estimation and may vary due to loan amount, period of loan and other fees such as late fee and late interest rate may be charged in the event of violation on terms & conditions.

Tables above are for illustration purposes only.
Please check with the respective personal loan providers.


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