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Attractive repayment scheme
 up to 12 months!!!
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+-Terms and conditions apply.

3 Tips to Avoid Running Out of Cash at the End of the Month

3 Tips to Avoid Running Out of Cash at the End of the Month


I guess this is an interesting topic, isn’t? Well, every other person out there might have faced this terrible situation, so might you? If yes, you should read this. No matter how much big money your account is credited on the first of each month, by the time of third week your account goes all the way down to a two figure number?

Every third week onward almost every month the wallets starts getting leaned, the accounts starts getting drained. And by the end of third week many are forced to take personal and payday loans. Well, let’s jump into the solutions rather than beating the bush!

All you got to do in order to avoid running out of cash at the end of the month is follow these simple life hacks.

1. Make your Budget

No one knows you like you do yourself! So, the step 1 to build a better financial security is by creating a personal budget. Create a spreadsheet that will help you to keep track of every expense in a month. Analyze your cash flows, find loopholes and create a well-planned budget. Design your budget in such a way that it includes what you can afford to spend each day. In short, practicing a budget of your own is the primary step to keep your wallet thick until the last day of a month.

2. Restrict your Lifestyle Expenditure

Restricting your lifestyle expenses doesn’t intent to give up all your joys and needs, but taking a deliberate effort to avoid spending money for less important or less needed. So, if you can sacrifice a bit on the luxuries, you should. Save your money in almost every possible life events, restrict your bar and restaurant visits, make use of your two wheeler or public transport instead taking fuel hungry car every day, and do some good for the environment as well!

3. Stick to your Plan

Once you are started taking a conscious effort to save money as per the budget and plans you have then just stick onto it. I’ve seen many people find it easy to make budgets and other plans on paper, but not practiced when it comes to reality.

To sum it up, just follow the above tips, and sum it up on the last day of this month! Gross!


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