Three Things That People Needlessly Squander Money On!

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Earning a good living in Singapore is extremely difficult these days, and takes diligence and hard work.
Odds are more people are spending long hours at their work places, then valuable time with their families and friends.  Many employees are feeling that all their hard work is seldom appreciated by their employers, and are left to feel like an indentured servant.

There are things people can do, to have less money going on out and keeping more money in the pockets. All one has to do is look at the three things most people spend too much money on without justification.

The first item is a vehicle. Many people buy a new car, when it clearly is above their means, and keeps them constantly cash strapped by doing so.  There are more reasons not to do this then there are to do it. The exception is people that in the top 5% that can comfortably afford to buy a vehicle. To the rest of the population, an automobile is something that always depreciates in value, regardless of the kind. The monthly insurance is a huge burden to many. A large sum of money that has to be laid out in order to drive the car off the lot, can be extremely burdensome, and hard for many to recover from. The daily maintenance of a car, is a constant expense that adds to pile of income going out.

The second thing that people do that is found to be a sheer waste of money, is engaging in games of chance, i.e. lottery tickets. A lot of people understand the law of averages when it comes to gambling, like 'the house always wins.' As redundant as that may sound, it's true. Statistics show that less then 1% of players in any game of chance, can actually beat the house, and walk away with a profit. It's a sheer waste of money, for those looking to get a head, it's an indulgence that never nets any profit, and should be avoided at all costs.

Lastly, a health club membership can be an extreme waste of money. Statistics show that most people don't go on any kind of regular basis. Most people enroll shortly after the new year, after many people make new years resolutions. They start out ambitious and taper off as the new year get further away. The monthly  expenses of these enrollments can be very costly and a huge waste of money to those that do not go. It's a great measure to take in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some prudent people, make their every day world their gym, in order to save money. By using steps instead of escalators and elevators. By walking to do errands instead of driving everywhere, in no time, you will get in shape and save money at the same time.

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