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The chance of being a lottery winner

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It is known that the chance of being a successful lottery player is one, almost unachievable, dream. How achievable this dream is however is a though you might never had considered. Generally, when talking about single state lotteries you are presented with 18 million to 1 odds, while 120 million to 1 ads come in the multiple state lotteries.
The simple thought of winning the lottery is shared by many people worldwide. In fact, one in three people from the US alone believe that winning the lottery is the sole solution to financial security. Thinking about odds for a second makes this statistic worrying.
When talking about being a being a lottery winner, you should take a realistic approach on the matter. Sure that this is one thing everyone well so desires. Let us have a look at other things that you won’t want happening in your life but have a higher chance of actually happening than you succeeding in the lottery game.
Getting struck by lightning is a good example. As the years pass, they percent of this mishapping varies. It is estimated that around 70 to 120 people die in the US from lightning. Rounding the numbers at 100, taking into calculation that the US population is somewhere around 265 million people gives you a chance of being struck of 2.650.000 to 1. Although very improbable, you are more keen into getting killed by lightning than winning the lottery. 6 to 45 more likely, to be exact.
 Flesh eating bacteria is another thing that actually exists. With the odds of roughly 1 million to 1, it is still very unlikely for you to get killed this way. But, take into account that you are 18 to 120 times more likely to being attacked by this bacteria than having your bank accounts stuffed from the lottery.
Even golf proves how low of a chance you have. Assuming you and 3 others are playing at the same time, the chances of two of you getting a hole-in-one at the exact same hole falls down to 17 million to 1. Yes, very very low. But still higher, a lot higher, than the chance of winning the lottery.
With a staggering 100.000 to 1 probability, getting killed by either a snake bite or bee sting comes very close from happening when compared to the lottery chances. Because, even though you might not imagined your ending this way, you have 180 to 1.200 times more chances of stop breathing than winning the lottery.

No matter if your criminal records are clean as a freshly cleaned t-shirt, you might still die from legal reasons. Yes, legal. Compared to your chances of winning the lottery, you are 30.000% to 200.000% more prone to die in a legal execution.

Even comes with a theory that blows your dream of winning the lottery. They say that in the year 2029, you have 450.000 to 3.000.000 times more chances to being crushed by an asteroid that collided on earth. Now that’s a crushing blow.

And if even these shocking facts didn’t stop you from buying your dream ticket, here’s the best one of them all: if you happen to drive 10 miles in order to buy a ticket for the lottery, you have 20 times more chances to get killed in a car accident while driving with enthusiasm running in your system, thinking that maybe this time you’ll get the jackpot.

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