How Many Personal Loans Can You Have At Once?

Close up of a loan application form with pen and coins on table, depicting one of the multiple personal loans a borrower is hoping to get

Have a loan that just falls short of the exact amount that you need? In situations such as these, you may be wondering if you can have multiple personal loans at one time to cover all your desired costs. Taking multiple personal loans at once is possible in Singapore. But before you do that, it’s […]

How To Get The Lowest Interest Rate Personal Loan In Singapore?

Businesswoman researching on her tablet and computer, taking down notes on how to find lowest interest rate personal loans in Singapore

People take out personal loans for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, it’s for emergency expenses like paying off an unexpected medical bill or vehicle repair bill. Other times, a loan may be instrumental in financing big-ticket spending such as a home refurbishment project or a dream wedding. Whatever the reason may be, everyone wants to […]

Is It Legal To Take A Loan Out For Someone Else In Singapore?

Stressed young couple calculating various debts, wondering if others can take a legal loan in Singapore on their behalf

There are moments in life when we might feel obligated to take out emergency legal loans in Singapore on behalf of a friend or be a guarantor for a family member. Getting stuck in such situations can be awkward. The consolation is that it isn’t illegal to do either of these things. As far as […]

How To Manage And Get Out Of Your Personal Loan Efficiently?

Excited woman learning simple tips online on how to get out of a personal loan within the personal loan repayment period

Personal loans can help tide you through many unforeseen circumstances in life. They can help you pay for your home renovation, a new car, or an unexpected medical emergency. Sometimes, you’ll even have to juggle multiple personal loans to make ends meet. If you have multiple debts to settle and are thinking about how to […]

What Happens If You’re Unable To Repay Your Personal Loan?

Distressed man with bills and calculator on the table worried about being unable to repay his personal loan and other debts

Taking out personal loans is not an uncommon occurrence, and there are many reasons why people take loans. These could include financial emergencies, or big-ticket purchases like weddings or home renovations. Personal loans are usually taken from banks or licensed money lenders in Singapore, and are repaid in monthly instalments. But, what happens if you’re […]

X Reasons Your Personal Loan Application’s Rejected (Singapore)

Sad man staring at laptop, wondering why his personal loan application was rejected by a major Singapore bank

If you’ve ever had your personal loan application rejected in Singapore, you know that it can be a very frustrating experience. Particularly in times of need, rejection can be a huge blow. While rejection rates in Singapore aren’t disclosed, know that personal loan rejection cases are not uncommon. Financial institutions such as banks and licensed […]

Can I Get A Personal Loan In Singapore With Bad Credit?

Young lady hiding her face due to financial stress, wondering if it’s possible to get a personal loan in Singapore with bad credit

One big downside of having bad credit is that financial institutions, especially traditional ones like banks, are hesitant to approve personal loans in Singapore for borrowers with bad credit. The big questions: Is it possible to get a personal loan with bad credit? Where to get a personal loan with bad credit? Read on to […]