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About Personal Loan Finder

Established in 2014, Personal Loan Finder is a one-stop platform specially designed for individuals to easily compare personal loans from major banks and fully legal loan providers in Singapore.

Led by a team of professionals with years of experience in the banking and finance industries, Personal Loan Finder helps you find the best personal loan most suited to your needs and circumstances. Minimal effort, maximum efficiency.


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Personal Loan Finder?

Personal Loan Finder lets you compare personal loans from major banks

Personal Loan Finder makes it easy for you to choose the best personal loan for your needs quickly at a glance. 

Play around with the filters on the side to narrow down your loan options for a seamless and quick loan comparison exercise. 

Our listings clearly show the loans’ interest rates, fees, charges, and ongoing promotions, if any.
The information on our personal loan page is always up-to-date! 

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Personal Loan Finder connects you to alternative loan providers

While many online platforms only let you compare personal loans from traditional banks, Personal Loan Finder does that and more. 

Personal Loan Finder grants you quick and easy access to our partner network of legal loan providers in Singapore, if and when you need a truly viable loan option from an alternative legal loan provider. 

Individuals who need fast cash loans but aren’t able to meet the banks’ stringent requirements for a loan will appreciate having access to legal loan providers as these alternative lenders strive to offer loans to borrowers even if their credit score or credit history isn’t the best.  

Personal Loan Finder wants the best for you

Apart from letting you compare personal loans from major banks and some of the best legal loan providers in Singapore for free, Personal Loan Finder boasts a sizeable collection of informative and easily digestible blog posts on everything related to loans, borrowing legally in Singapore, and more. 

Feel free to peruse our resources in your free time at no charge.

How to use Personal Loan Finder?

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If you need a bank loan…

All you need to do is navigate to our personal loan webpage. From there, you can view all the personal loan options available from major banks in Singapore. 

To narrow down your options, play around with the filters on the side. Fill out the fields with the loan amount you’d like to borrow and your preferred loan tenure. 

Keen to apply? Simply click and navigate to the bank’s website to complete your loan application. 

If you need a loan from an alternative legal loan provider…

Gone are the days when one needs to spend a good amount of time enquiring directly from individual legal loan providers.

You can use the Personal Loan Finder platform to get multiple loan quotes from the best legal loan providers in Singapore with just a simple online form. 

What’s more, the non-obligatory loan quotes are absolutely free-of-charge!