Saskatchewan regulates its Payday loans

New regulations have been announced at Saskatchewan concerning the short-term loans (commonly known as payday loans) which are expected to be enacted within six months. The new rules indicate that the cost of borrowing cannot exceed 23 per cent of the principal.The interest rate may however, climb to 30 per cent on a defaulted loan. […]

Online money-lending scams are increasing

Desperate situations call for desperate actions. This is a saying more and more people base their lives on these days. This saying is also been taking into consideration by online scam artists. They promise the sun and the moon to the financially troubled who can’t get bank loans due to bad credit history.  Online swindlers, […]

Dutch Insurer Raising Red Flags on U.S. Soil

Aegon is a life insurance, pensions, and asset management company based in The Hague, Netherlands, and more commonly known as TransAmerica here in the States. They seem to be an innovative company, using different management structures and providing multiple ways for employees to make money. It is an established company that has been around for […]

Micro Financing: Helping or Hurting?

Micro credit seemed to be the new fight against poverty. Everybody was getting involved. From the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor, people all across the world were taking part, either as debtors, as creditors, or by donating to help a cause. But is it all really as helpful as it […]

The Financial Ombudsman: Keeping Financial Service Companies in Check

Financial Ombudsman is a service set up by the government to settle disputes between financial institutions and their customers. They act as an unbiased moderator, looking at complaints ranging from insurance problems to loans to mortgages, and everything in between. There are Ombudsman services in 80 countries around the world, though some are more successful […]

First Steps When Taking A Personal Loan in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Sometimes in order to stay afloat, one needs to search additional funds to cover unexpected situations life throws at us. The most convenient way to raise money is trough personal loans. Of course, nobody likes big responsibilities and obligations, not to […]

Before Taking a Personal Loan in Singapore

Determine exactly how much you needBefore you take a loan, consider carefully the amount of money you need. If you take more than you really need, you will pay unnecessary costs and interest, and if you take too little, you may end up taking another loan in very short period of time, which will additionally […]

Smart Tips for Personal Loans

Smart Tips for Personal Loans More and more people from all over the world have been on using credit to pay for their finances. There are different types of loans which are available to the public. These include: Open-ended, close-ended, secured, unsecured, and conventional loans. A personal loan falls under the unsecured loan because it […]

Personal Loan in Singapore

A personal loan is a type of loan that does not require collateral. This type of loan is used for personal purposes such as: medical, household or educational expenses. This type of loan is also referred to as a consumer loan and is paid through instalments. A consumer loan is a type of loan that […]

Application Considerations for Personal Loans

A personal loan is generally smaller in scale than a housing or car loan. It usually doesn’t require collateral unlike mortgages that allow you to borrow larger amounts of money since the collateral is a form of financial security for the lender. Personal loans are a form of unsecured debt, so it is expected that […]